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Revd Jane writes:

We find ourselves in the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity. As a Team, we gain so much from being part of local, ecumenical networks. Such a week as this creates opportunities not only to meet & pray but also to reflect on boundaries…what is Other? Who is Other? What might we learn from them? It also turns our attention to the life skills required to travel fruitfully with difference. Unity is a costly gift but a gift without doubt.

The words of John Donne, the 16th century metaphysical poet & priest, Dean of St Paul’s Cathedral come to mind: “No man is an island, entire of itself; every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main. If a clod be washed away by the sea, Europe is the less any man's death diminishes me, because I am involved in mankind, and therefore never send to know for whom the bells tolls; it tolls for thee.”


Sunday services 

Sun 23 Jan 

8.00am Holy Communion at St Peter’s, Shaldon

9.30am Lay-led prayers at St Nicholas, Ringmore

10.00am Holy Communion at St Michael’s, Teignmouth

10.00am Holy Communion at St John’s, Bishopsteignton

10.30am Holy Communion at St James’, Teignmouth

11.00am Holy Communion at St Peter’s, Shaldon

5pm Bible Reading & Community Prayers at St Nectan, Ashcombe


During the week

Every Tuesday  9.30am Holy Communion at St Michael's, Teignmouth

Every Thursday  9.30am Holy Communion at St James, Teignmouth & 5pm Evening Prayer via Zoom (click link to join. Download service sheet

Saturday (22nd) 10am Exploring our Faith at St Michael's, Teignmouth (see below)

The Week of Prayer for Christian Unity takes place from 18-25 January. Please click the link for details of events taking places around the various churches in the area.

Some of our churches are open for prayer during the week. 



Online services are available from the Church of England. To watch any of our own online services please visit our YouTube Channel. And click here for recordings of our Exploring our Faith sessions.


COVID Precautions 

Wearing a face covering in church is still required. When coming to church please remember and be considerate of the fact that some people may feel vulnerable or anxious. Therefore, so that everyone can feel safe and welcome, we strongly encourage you to please continue to sanitise your hands and to respect other people’s space by not sitting too closely to your neighbour unless explicitly invited to do so.

Our Team churches will be well-ventilated so warmer clothing may be in order. If you are experiencing any symptoms you are kindly asked to stay away - even if you have been fully vaccinated. Thank you.


In other news...  

Exploring Our Faith The next session, Exploring Ceremonies, is at St Michael's, Teignmouth from 10-11.30am on Saturday 22 January (please note change of date). All are welcome. Click here for more details.

Revd Jane Frost In recognition of Revd Jane's additional work and responsibilities during the year long vacancy and dealing with the impact of the pandemic, the Archdeacon of Exeter has granted her a month off in which to take a short sabbatical including some study leave. Therefore, Jane will not be available from 31 January to 27 February inclusive. It would be appreciated if you could not leave messages or send emails in that time to help reduce the amount of work she will come back to. Richard will also reduce his involvement in church life for that period. Any queries can be addressed to Revd Carol, Revd Sue or Mervyn in the Team Office. Your prayers for Jane in this valuable time will be appreciated.

New service & changes in times. Next month sees the introduction of a new service and some changes in times at St Michael's and St James. Please click here for more details

Praying at home If you have a specific prayer request please send details to Mervyn in the Team Office. He will pass it to the clergy on in strict confidence. The clergy will also be happy to pray over the phone so please do contact them. Information and resources can be downloaded here and Compline (Night Prayer) is available every day. If you would like a printed copy, please contact the clergy

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