Teignmouth WNS

The Teignmouth Parishes weekly news sheets are published on this page.


Download this file (wns_19 JAN 2020_UPLOAD.doc)wns_19 JAN 2020_UPLOAD.doc[Epiphany 3][19/01/2020]Parish Admin637 Kb
Download this file (wns_19 JAN 2020_INSERT.doc)wns_19 JAN 2020_INSERT.doc[Epiphany 3][19/01/2020]Parish Admin191 Kb
Download this file (wns_12 JAN 2020_UPLOAD_1.doc)wns_12 JAN 2020_UPLOAD_1.doc[Baptism of Christ][12/01/2020]Parish Admin621 Kb
Download this file (wns_05 JAN 2020_wns_UPLOAD.doc)wns_05 JAN 2020_wns_UPLOAD.doc[Epiphany][05/01/2020]Parish Admin1114 Kb
Download this file (wns_29 DEC 2019_wns_UPLOAD.doc)wns_29 DEC 2019_wns_UPLOAD.doc[Christmas 1][29/12/2019]Parish Admin600 Kb
Download this file (wns_22 DEC 2019_UPLOAD.doc)wns_22 DEC 2019_UPLOAD.doc[Fourth Sunday of Advent][22/12/2019]Parish Admin784 Kb
Download this file (wns_15 DECEMBER 2019 wns_UPLOAD.doc)wns_15 DECEMBER 2019 wns_UPLOAD.doc[Third Sunday of Advent][15/12/2019]Parish Admin658 Kb

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