Reopening for Public Worship

We are now able to begin a gradual opening of our churches for public worship!

This following Service Plan has been agreed by the whole Ministry Team, all Churchwardens and all PCCs of our six churches. 

Due to the provision of online services and availability of worship in other churches, the PCC of St Nectan’s, Ashcombe have decided not to open their church at this current time. In order to cater for larger numbers, some pews at St Michael’s are being temporarily removed and replaced by plastic chairs to enable two services to take place. These chairs will be cleaned between the services. Due to the difficulty of cleaning pews it is not possible to hold two services on the same day in St James’ and St John the Baptist. You can download further information here.

We will be continuing our Online Service provision

Sunday 9th August

9.30am    Holy Communion at St Michael’s, Teignmouth

10.00am  Holy Communion at St John’s, Bishopsteignton

11.30am  Holy Communion at St Michael’s, Teignmouth

Midweek Communion (from 11 August) – Every Tuesday at 9.30am at St Michael’s, Teignmouth

Sunday 16th August

9.30am    Holy Communion at St Michael’s, Teignmouth

10.00am  Village Worship at St John’s, Bishopsteignton

10.30am   Holy Communion at St Mary’s, Ideford (note corrected date)

11.30am  Holy Communion at St Michael’s, Teignmouth


Sunday 23rd August

9.30am     Holy Communion at St Michael’s, Teignmouth

10.00am   Holy Communion at St John’s, Bishopsteignton

10.30am   Holy Communion at St James’, Teignmouth

11.30am   Holy Communion at St Michael’s, Teignmouth

6.30pm    Evensong at St John’s, Luton


Sunday 30th August

9.30am     Holy Communion at St Michael’s, Teignmouth

10.00am   Holy Communion at St John’s, Bishopsteignton

10.30am   Holy Communion at St James’, Teignmouth

11.30am   Holy Communion at St Michael’s, Teignmouth

You may also like to watch this short film which gives a sense of what coming to church may look like.

Opening for Personal Prayer

Three of our churches are now open for personal prayer and reflection:

  • St Michael’s, Teignmouth will be open 10am-2pm on Wednesdays and Saturdays 
  • St Mary’s, Ideford will be open 10am-4pm on Wednesdays and Sundays 
  • St John’s, Bishopsteignton will be open 10am-12 noon on Wednesdays & 3-5pm on Sundays

Whichever church you normally go to, you are welcome to go in to any of these churches at the days and times shown. You will be able to go in to the building to sit in the quiet and stillness of the church to pray and reflect as you wish. All we ask is that you observe social distancing, follow the safety guidance inside the church and clean your hands before and after entering. Toilets will be closed. If you are shielding or suffering any symptoms of Coronavirus please do not enter but seek medical advice. 

Before lockdown, the churches in Ashcombe, Luton and St James in Teignmouth were not normally open and the PCCs there have decided that will continue to be the case. It also continues to be the case that there will be no public church services for the foreseeable future but we will be continuing weekly online services through our website. 

We have also created a Quiet Space (with resources to use) in the churchyard at St John’s in Bishopsteignton which is open all day, every day for anyone to use. 


Supporting your Church

Supporting your Church

All our churches depend on the generous support and financial giving of those who are regular or occasional attendees. In these current times each of our six churches are each noticing the drop in income due to the lack of services and collections. The expenses involved in maintaining our buildings and contributing towards the wider team ministry and the work of the Diocese of Exeter continue, however. Locally and nationally, the Church of England receives no direct state funding so we would be grateful if you would consider and continue your financial giving in this period. There are several different ways you can give but the two most efficient ways of making regular donations are by using the Parish Giving Scheme* or by Standing Order from your bank account. Please contact your Treasurer for more information or advice on the best way to making one-off donations at this time.

Do watch this message from the Bishop of Exeter also.


Please contact the relevant PCC Treasurer for advice on making a donation:

·      St John the Baptist, Bishopsteignton – please contact John Plumb on 01626 775507

·      St Michael, Teignmouth – please contact Christine Vince on 01626 776329

·      St James, Teignmouth – please contact Andy Harding on 07880 921653.

·      St Mary the Virgin, Ideford – please contact Lee Ann Martin on 07552 302293

·      St John the Evangelist, Luton – please contact Kath Vooght on 01626 775426

·      St Nectan, Ashcombe – please contact Carolyn Bourne on 07860 198238


PARISH GIVING SCHEME (St James, St Michael’s & St Mary the Virgin only*):

The Parish Giving Scheme has announced the launch of a new Telephone Giving Service, designed to enable prospective donors to set up a regular Direct Debit donation to your parish* over the phone. The service operates on weekdays between 9 - 5pm. Prospective donors can set up a regular gift to their parish* by calling the dedicated telephone line:  

 0333 002 1271

 A PGS administrator will take callers through the sign up process which normally takes around 15 minutes. New donors will need to have the following information to hand: 

  • Personal bank account details
  • The name of the parish they wish to donate to
  • They will need to confirm if they want to increase their gift in line with inflation each year
  • They may choose to make their donation anonymously (which will hide their name from the parish)
  • Confirm if they are eligible for Gift Aid
  • The PGS Code for their Parish: 

o   St James, Teignmouth West – 151501851 

o   St Michael, Teignmouth East – 151501841 

o   St Mary, Ideford – 150615174

Existing PGS donors can also use the same contact number to update their current PGS giving.

*Please note, Bishopsteignton, Luton and Ashcombe are not yet enrolled in the PGS.

Haldon Team Community Project

Everyone has a creative side. What is yours?  

We want you to have fun, explore your creativity, and in time, meet with each other. The Haldon Team Community Arts and Crafts Project is an initiative which is open to everyone and led by the Haldon Team of churches which hopes to bring together the communities of Teignmouth, Bishopsteignton, Ideford, Luton and Ashcombe.

Whether you're in to... 

Drawing    Painting    Sculpture    Writing    Poetry    Music    Bookmaking    Calligraphy    Basketwork    Pottery    Patchwork    Quilting   Embroidery    Photography    Cookery    Collage   Card   Mapping   Plants   Preserves   Woodworking...

Or anything else, do join in!

Money raised through our project will support the work of The Samaritans.

Do contact us if you would like to talk this over but feel free to get to work and please let us know what you are creating. 

Project Co-ordinators:

Christine Vince 01626 776329 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.     

Bindy Wollen 01626 770752 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.